My Day Climbing Ben Nevis

Situated in the Lochaber region of Scotland just outside Fort William, Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in Britain. Standing at a height of 1,344metres (4,408 ft.) and possessing some of the best scenery in the world, it is the ultimate mountain to walk. I found  great help from the walks in Scotland website, which gave me directions and downloads to help me out on what could have been a dangerous walk.

Ben Nevis
Walking the Ben Nevis was intensely fun and pleasurably memorable for me. Before walking the Ben Nevis, I had to visit the information office in Glen Nevis to acquire all the necessary information regarding its terrain, route, weather reports and also some good advice for my walk.

On the Mountain the weather has the tendency to rapidly change and as such, I had to be prepared for this to successfully complete my walk. Due to my fitness level, it took me about 220 minutes to reach the summit. Although I’ve heard it can be accomplished in a much more reduced amount of time.
There are about 7 stages involved in walking the Ben Nevis and to successfully complete the course, I had to go through all seven stages. Characterized with unique qualities and peculiar differences, yet closely connected to each other, the seven stages of the Ben Nevis climb provided me with amazing thrills and exhilaration.
Ben Nevis1
At the summit, I found an awesome collection of several memorials, many cairns, a trig point and of course it’s exceptionally fantastic view that covers much of the highlands and extends to over 120 miles. I personally enjoyed the breathtaking views over Carn Mor Dearg, Aonach Mor, the rocky ridge of the Mamores, Aonach Beag and the mountains of Glen Coe.
Regardless of all the difficulties and technicalities associated with the Ben Nevis regarding its terrain, route and weather, walking to the summit was certainly fun for me and it’s definitely an experience I would not be relinquishing any time soon.