My visit to the Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye is famous and highly recognized for possessing some of the most dramatic, beautiful, amazingly diverse scenery and ambience in the world. This widely known and highly esteemed island is located in the Scottish Highlands. It is widely referred to as the Island of magic and it houses some of the best mountains in the United Kingdom so I decided to take a visit last year to have a look for myself.

Straight away I realised that Skye is a wind-swept area that is characterized with few trees and is richly mysterious and has ancient history. This Isle has been under various rulers since the Mesolithic Age. Also part of the Highland Council, the Isle of Skye is currently inhabited by an estimated 9300 residents. This fascinating and passive territory boasts of a lot of tourist attracting places and activities.

There are quite a number of fun places to see and fun things to do in the Isle of Skye. The museum on the North Edge of Skye could be a fun place for you to start. This museum is established to provide you with a perfect insight of ancient Scotland and its origins. The Faerie Glen is also an important tourist attracting site in the Isle of Skye. This place is believed to be the meeting place of fairies and as such it will definitely be of great interest to you and your kids.

Dunvegan and Macleod Castles are also must-see destinations on the Isle of Skye. Believed to be guarded by fairies, the Dungevan castle is surrounded by amazingly beautiful landscapes; its sight is definitely a pleasure to behold. One major attraction of the Isle of Skye is the Cuillin Mountains. The Cuillin Munros are regarded as the hardest Munros to “bag” or attain.

The Cuillin Mountains have been the most preferred spot for walkers, scramblers and climbers for more than 200 years now; this is because they provide them with the opportunity to revel in the obstacles and ambience of the only truly highland surrounding in Scotland.

Cullin mountain range in Skye

Regardless of what your preferences and choices are, the Isle of Skye will always provide you with a lot of amazing places to visit and fun things to do, to give you the perfect Skye experience.